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I am delighted to introduce Enterprise Northern Ireland's Generate. A Northern Ireland wide enterprise development framework comprising of quality approved , fit for purpose workshops and learning services.

Generate will provide access to short focused workshops and learning services designed to enable participants to improve profitability, enhance efficiency and productivity and to make their business lives easier and enjoyable. Timely and relevant subjects will be covered under the key business categories - Marketing, Finance, People, Sales & Exporting and Embracing Technology.


Johanna's workshop is perfect If you are planning to recruit your first employee; or maybe you have inherited the business .. but you know nothing about HR or managing staff! Or perhaps you just want a fresh start to get rid of the bad practices you have let creep in and need to focus on how you manage your staff. After the workshop you will receive takeaway you can implement immediately into your business. The takeaway include;

1) Job Application Form – Template

2) Conditional Offer of Employment – Email / Letter Template

3) Confirmed Offer of Employment – Email / Letter Template

4) Reference Request – Email / Letter Template

Register through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/76736594219

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